Puffco Peak Pro Hack for App

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Puffco Peak Pro Hack for App - now working in Australia.

Oz Puff have the fix so get ready iPhone and Android users.

But how? 
Yesterday we hand delivered a Puffco Peak Pro and not long after we got home we had a message saying “Hey bro why couldn’t you get the app working? I have got mine working :)” 

And that’s how it started...

We would like to thank @710_extractsau on Instagram for all the help with the Peak Pro App pairing. Thank you. 

If your using iPhone the instructions are:

1. Proceed to the App Store and download Bluefy here - https://apps.apple.com/au/app/bluefy-web-ble-browser/id1492822055

Puffco iPhone app

2. When installed open Bluefy and enter this web address in the app browser https://www.puffco.app
3. Follow the instructions to pair your Peak Pro with the app and GO...

If your using Android the instructions are:

1. Proceed to the Apktada store and download the Puffco Connect 1.0.47 APK file for Android 5.0+ and up here - https://apktada.com/app/com.puffco.android

Puffco android app

2. Install and follow the instructions to pair your Peak Pro with the app and GO...

The Peak Pro app works with the Peak Pro Power Dock  available from Oz Puff. 

Always Be Ready:
When you purchase the Peak Pro Power Dock - wireless charging portable battery, you can access Ready Mode.

While connected and enabled on the app, when you remove the Peak from the dock, the Peak will immediately start heating your favorite temperature setting without clicking a single button.

Let us know in the comments if you got your Puffco Peak Pro connected to the Puffco app.

Enjoy :)

Shop the Puffco Collection https://www.ozpuff.com.au/collections/puffco


*This is a guide only and you should only install at your own discretion if you feel comfortable that it is safe to do so - we do not accept responsibility for faults occurred when connecting through the app using this method. 

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  • Azza henke on

    I have just purchased puffco peak pro, very nice! But I’m in Australia, have found different link to get the app finally, but they won’t pair together now, Bluetooth on, wifi …. nek minute.. what am I doing wrong please?

  • john smith on

    can confirm this works great!

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