OZ PUFF The H20G Pack
OZ PUFF The H20G Pack
OZ PUFF The H20G Pack
OZ PUFF The H20G Pack
OZ PUFF The H20G Pack

The H20G Pack - 1x H20G, 1x Replacement Glass & 1x Silicone Case

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The Sunakin H20G Pack

New colours Rainbow & Vintage Copper are now here at Oz Puff!!

Get Higher with the Sunakin H20G Pack available in Australia at Oz Puff.

Oz Puff are the first company in Australia to source the Sunakin range and introduce the Sunakin Sunpipe H20G and it’s accessories to the Australian market. 

Save when you buy the H20G Pack - Total Value $93.95

Save $8.95 and buy the pack for $85.00 while stocks remain.

What's in the H20G Pack:

1 x H20G - Black,, Gunmetal, Rainbow or Stainless Steel or Vintage Copper (boxed).

  • Filling and Cleaning Tools.
  • User Manual.

1x Replacement Glass - Clear, Grey or Rainbow (boxed)

1x Black Shock Resistant Silicone Case (boxed)

*Please do not use a torch (butane and high heat are bad).

How do you use the H20G?
Simply grind 
the flower, pack the bowl, light and enjoy. 
After the bowl is lit, it stays lit. the smoke collects in the tank to enjoy as your please. 
Smoking through the water tank cools the smoke and removes ash. 

The H2OG is a more enjoyable smoking experience. Perfect for your needs on the go or at home.

It’s a great looking, eye-catching device. 

  • Black, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Stainless Steel or Vintage Copper materials and Glass.
  • Replaceable Glass Water Tank
  • Adjustable .5g to 1g Bowl.
  • Bowl is Spring loaded and easy to clean.
  • Push button to open top cap.
  • Magnetic Cap protects the bowl.

Easy to Disassemble and Clean. Filling and Tools included in kit.
Easy to carry in the shock resistant travel case

How to clean?

Push the button to raise the Spring loaded bowl for easy cleaning after burning. Brush the bowl and chamber clean with the included dual-sided cleaning brush tool. 

The H2OG can be fully disassembled for easy, complete cleaning with your favourite cleaner. 

For the Sunakin H20G range of accessories & replacement parts, please shop here.