OZ PUFF The SunGrinder
OZ PUFF The SunGrinder
OZ PUFF The SunGrinder
OZ PUFF The SunGrinder
OZ PUFF The SunGrinder
OZ PUFF The SunGrinder

The SunGrinder

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The Sunakin SunGrinder 

Hand tested and used by Oz Puff for 2 months prior to it’s release, we know this grinder is perfectly fitting for the Australian market.

The SunGrinder is different to other grinders currently on the market and we were absolutely amazed at how lightweight the SunGrinder feels in your hand while grinding all densities of herb with ease.


1x SunGrinder in your choice of colour- Black, Pink or Silver (boxed)

1x Smell-Proof Carrying case in Black (boxed) – perfect for taking the SunGrinder out on the go! 

  • SunGrinder Carry Case Materials: Pearl Cotton, Zipper, Smell Proof Seal.


Compact, Durable and Ultra-Smooth!

The SunGrinder is a compact ‘3.5 Piece’ Grinder with a removable Kief Screen.

Threadless! Made with top quality Neodymium Magnets. Simply pull to open! 

Longer Lasting Quality.

  • Ultra-Strong Teeth made of 7075-T6 'Aircraft' Aluminum.
  • Smooth and Durable Nylon PA66 spin ring protects against wear.
  • Strong Lightweight body made of 6061 Aluminum.

Great grinding.

  • Duo-Direction Radial Cutting Pattern for a great cut.
  • Center Cutter keeps the centre post clean.
  • Perfect grind for Vaporizers, Rolling, Pipes and the H2OG!

Anodized outer shell in three bright and durable colours.

Choose from Black, Pink or Silver.

Kief screen can be turned to remove to increase grinder carrying capacity. 

Built Quality & Cleaned Ultrasonically.