OZ PUFF DabCap SpinCap
 OZ PUFF DabCap SpinCap
 OZ PUFF DabCap SpinCap

DabCap SpinCap

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DabCap SpinCap E-Rig Edition
SpinCap by DabCap features uniquely positioned air paths which create a spinning vortex inside your atomizer bucket keeping the oil at the bottom for optimal vaporisation providing less spillage and thicker vapour.
  • Versatile Design: Vortex spins pearls in atomizer buckets without spillage.
    • Premium Materials: Anodized aircraft grade aluminum, safe up to 1500* F 
    • Suitable for Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Pro and e-rigs with similar sized atomizers. The SpinCap is not recommend as the ‘ideal’ carb cap for bangers as the airflow is restricted to reduce cooling inside e-rig atomizers which isn’t optimal for bangers. Not compatible with Focus V Carta.
    • Made in the USA. For tobacco use only.

    1x DabCap SpinCap E-Rig Edition (packaged).

    Gold or Gunmetal SpinCap available,