OZ PUFF Cookies X Stündenglass™ Hose Assembly

Cookies X Stündenglass™ Hose Assembly

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Cookies X Stündenglass™ Hose Assembly 

Accessories for your Stündenglass™ are here in Australia at Oz Puff.

Full replacement, great as a back up or perfect to use with a friend when you add the hose splitter and get two going at once.

Replacement Cookies X Stündenglass includes Silicone Hose, Hose Wand, Glass Hose Tip and Hose Adapter. Compatible with all Gravity Infusers.

1x Cookies X Stündenglass™ Hose Assembly (Boxed).

*Disclaimer: Not compatible with v.1 Stündenglass

*Stündenglass Gravity Infuser not included.

*For aromatherapy use only. Not intended for medical treatment or recreational consumption.