OZ PUFF Vibes™ Ultra Thin Papers - King Size + Tip Booklet

Vibes™ Ultra Thin Papers - King Size

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Vibes™ Ultra Thin Papers - King Size 

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Get your Vibes Rolling Papers in Australia from Oz Puff.

1x pack contains 33 Papers Per Booklet 

The Vibes Ultra Thin papers - King Size Slim offer the thinnest paper available for a king size. By using such thin paper your sessions won’t be sullied by “paper smoke” overpowering your dry herb’s smoke. These king size slim papers offer the best flavor experience of the three options.

  • Kingsize Slim papers: 33 sheets per booklet
  • Double-pressed papers
  • Unbleached and chalk-free
  • Slow Burning
  • Cut and Kitted in the Dominican Republic
  • Crafted and Cultivated in France

Vibes is a premium rolling papers collection started by influencer, rapper, and entrepreneur Berner. Established to preserve the purity and potency of your material, Vibes has created the ultimate smoking experience for connoisseurs. These fine rolling papers feature double-pressed, unbleached papers that will burn evenly and deliver maximum flavor. 

"Every Great Moment Starts With A Vibe"