The PowerHitter - 2021 Edition PowerHitter
The PowerHitter - 2021 Edition PowerHitter

The PowerHitter - 2021 Edition PowerHitter

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The 2021 PowerHitter by The PowerHitter Co™

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Oz Puff are the first company in Australia to source and introduce the PowerHitter™ to the Australian market. 

1x PowerHitter 2021 Edition - Blue.

Since the ‘70’s, The PowerHitter™ has been the quickest and easiest way to extract the maximum potential from a smoke. Old timers will immediately recognize this from their collection fondly as it was simply the most fun way to enjoy rolled smokes. 

How does it work? You simply insert a lit smoke into the special holder in the cap. Screw it on and and find the air hole. Cover it with your finger and just "Grip It and Rip It!" 
It shoots out a steady heady long white straw of smoke that you inhale inches away from your mouth making it one of the safest ways to share a smoke. No more wet passes! No more cooties!
We’ve taken this classic design and updated it with modern materials to create the next generation of the ultimate smoking device.  

Join the PowerHitter™ Movement! Be the first in almost 40 years to own a PowerHitter. Enjoy cootie free smoking as the nozzle never touches your mouth. 

Just Grip It and Rip It! 

Get your PowerHitter™ from Oz Puff.


How to roll the best product for your PowerHitter™

One of our favorite things about your Powerhitter™  is you save money on your favorite smoke products! The smoke goes directly into your lungs, and the rest is contained in the PowerHitter™ , easy, without any waste. Therefore, it's perfectly fine to roll pinner joints as needed. 

In addition for convenience, if you happen to live in a state where pre-rolled joints are available, this is the ideal solution. This is due to the trend of pre-rolls using paper tips called crutches, and they fit very well with the holder inside.

Another option is to use a rolling machine, while using crutches that come with the rolling papers. If you roll the crutch to the size of the joint holder in the PowerHitter™ cap, the resulting joint will be close to that size.

We know you're excited to get the Powerhitter™  going, one area that is definitely worth an extra moment is making sure the joint fits securely. Nobody wants to rescue a lost joint once the party has started! Enjoy the moments, if you have further questions, we're here for you.

Is the plastic safe?

We take great pride in the design and quality of our PowerHitter™, it is manufactured with food grade plastic approved by the FDA. In addition, we have done extensive testing on its durability. We feel confident that when used properly we have built a product that provides years of enjoyment for our customers!

How has the PowerHitter™ changed?

Our newly improved version of the PowerHitter™ has come a long way from its original version in the 70’s. Through extensive trials and testing, we have created a product that is more durable and user friendly, including upgrading the joint holder size to accommodate today’s industry standards. In addition, we have upgraded the cap and bottle for more durability, resulting in a better squeeze for your enjoyment. 

Registering your PowerHitter™

Registering your PowerHitter™ will ensure you are getting the real deal and will also give you these benefits:

  •      Warranty - We’re confident nothing will go wrong, but if it does, we’ll make it right.
  •       Support - Get the most from your products with easy access to email and more.
  •       Offers & Updates - Get special offers, new products or feature updates.

Register here:

Each one is a collector’s edition!

Normally the serial number is under the scratch off on the hologram sticker on your PowerHitter™. Please check there first.

If you do not have a scratch off serial number, please look at the bottom of your PowerHitter™ you will see a series of numbers that will be your serial number.

Don't Lip it - Just Grip It and Rip It!