Oz Puff - Puffco Plus V2 Rainbow

glob mops oz puff puffco puffco plus puffco plus V2

The most awarded and flavourful concentrate vape pen ever, now even more improved and available at Oz Puff in rainbow.
Oz Puff - Puffco Plus V2 Rainbow

The Plus mouthpiece combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one. The dart can be easily extended by pressing down on the silicone top, allowing you to scoop concentrates with ease.

If you have high quality concentrates, there’s no better mobile vaporizer for dabbing.

Oz Puff - Puffco Plus V2 Rainbow
High Times Magazine have awarded Puffco with 6 consecutive Cannabis Cup awards for the Puffco Plus including:
1st Place: Puffco – Puffco Plus
1st Place: Puffco – Puffco Plus
Puffco Plus High Times 2017 Winner
    Check out all the Puffco industry awards here   https://www.puffco.com/pages/best-vaporizer-pen-awards
    Press down on the top to extend the dart. This makes scooping up concentrates
    much easier.
    Unscrew the mouthpiece.
    Quickly click button 5 times to turn on and off.
    Click button 4 times to cycle through the heat settings.
    Blue= Low temp
    Green= Medium temp
    White= High temp
    Oz Puff recommend using a Glob Mop swab after each use to remove the remaining byproduct. Preheat the chamber to free up excess materials before cleaning. Clean the gold pins on the battery and chamber to ensure proper connection.
    We recommend Glob Mops for cleaning your Puffco Plus.
    Available at Oz Puff in 300 piece tubs or 30 piece travel packs.
    You have a one year warranty on your Puffco Plus that covers the battery and charger.
    Chambers are not covered.
    For additional information on your warranty, see the troubleshooting section at https://www.puffco.com/pages/support


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